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T's & C's

TERMS & Descriptions:

The descriptions of experiences, events and products in this brochure are indicative only. There may be variations in equipment, schedules, timings and facilities in differing venues. If any such equipment, schedules, timings or facilities are particularly important to you, please check with us at the time of booking.

Supplier's Terms of Business:

Flying Experiences contracts with many independent suppliers and the terms and conditions of such independent businesses apply to Flying Experiences customers.

Customer Bookings:

All bookings are subject to availability from Flying Experiences suppliers and are generally for one person only. Customers are asked to provide as much notice as possible when booking. Many peak dates, particularly at week-ends are very popular and may not be available unless a substantial period of notice is given. In any event bookings should be made a minimum of 14 days in advance. Do not make any travel or accommodation arrangements until your booking has been confirmed in writing. You are required to check that the experience is to be provided on the day stated by reconfirming your booking directly with the venue at least 24hrs prior to your departure. .

Voucher Exchanges:

Vouchers are non-transferable but may be exchanged once only for a different Experience before the expiry of the original voucher. Exchange vouchers are non-refundable. Exchanges will be confirmed by the issue of an additional Gift Pack and will be charged at £15 plus any difference in the price of the Experiences. No exchanges can be made for a different Experience after booking a specific date for the original Experience.


If the Experience booked or exchanged is of a lower value than the voucher to be redeemed then the balance remaining will be held on the account of the original purchaser for a maximum of nine months. After nine months all credits will be forfeited.


Our suppliers are asked to provide high standards of safety for all participants but Flying Experiences is unable to inspect or supervise all of the events provided by a wide range of suppliers worldwide and we cannot provide any guarantee of the supplier's safety or performance standards. Many Experiences are dangerous and necessarily involve some personal risk. Some suppliers will require participants to sign disclaimers and may retain the right to assess the competency of participants. Their judgement shall be final as to whether participants are competent and safe to participate in Experiences.


All vouchers must be returned to us before exchange vouchers can be sent. Flying Experiences cannot be held liable for any missing or lost vouchers and all vouchers must be produced to the supplier before the start of the Experience. Flying Experiences reserves the right to ask for any evidence that it may reasonably require to authenticate the identity of the customer or participant.


All vouchers are valid for at least nine months from the date of issue. Full details are provided in Gift Packs. Vouchers may be extended for an additional period (details available on request and extension periods vary according to Experience) but notice from the customer for all such extensions must be prior to the expiry of the original voucher. Extensions will be confirmed by the issue of an additional Gift Pack and will be charged at £15 plus any increase in the price of the Experience.

Variations & Cancellations by Flying Experiences or its Suppliers:

Flying Experiences acts as a booking agent for Experiences supplied by many independent suppliers. As part of Flying Experiences’ quality management procedures, the performance of suppliers is regularly assessed. Flying Experiences may need to change suppliers to ensure a very high standard of Experience with consequential variations in locations and the details of equipment, schedules, timings and facilities may be subject to change in the interests of the customer. If specific equipment or personalities are material to the Experience event then we will notify you of any changes prior to the Experience event. If cancellation or changes are beyond the control of Flying Experiences our liability shall be limited to providing an Identical Experience at a later date. We shall make every effort to provide these and the most current information is detailed on our website at

Where there are substantial changes we shall inform customers at the time of booking or by communicating with them prior to the Experience event. Please provide a contact telephone number for Flying Experiences to be able to contact you in the event of cancellation of the Experience event. We ask you to provide a mobile number if you have one to enable us to contact you in the unlikely event of problems as late as the day of your travel to the event. Many outdoor Experiences are weather dependent and although every effort will be made by both Flying Experiences and the supplier to provide as much notice as possible, last minute cancellations or changes as a result of unfavourable weather may be necessary.

Experience Locations:

The currently available locations are detailed on our website at Flying We retain the right to add or withdraw locations of Experiences at any time. If your chosen location is changed or withdrawn by us then we will offer an alternative location or you may exchange the Experience for another of any type. Locations described as 'Nationwide' or 'UK wide' or similar may be limited in some areas of the UK.

Experience Times and Duration:

Any times stated for the duration of Experiences are provided as a guide only. Suppliers may often entertain customers at the Experience venue for longer than the time taken to actually carry out the Experience and, conversely, the times stated may include some time waiting your turn with other customers and be longer than the time spent actually carrying out the Experience. The duration of the flight is from chock to chock and is approximate.  The total time at the venue is to be considered to be an integral part of enjoying an Experience.

Problems & Complaints:

Any problems or complaints must be made direct to the supplier on the day of the Experience in order that the issue may be promptly addressed and the supplier be given reasonable opportunity to rectify the problem or complaint. Flying Experiences will thoroughly investigate all problems or complaints on behalf of the customer but if the supplier has not been informed on the day of the event and we only receive a written complaint after the event we cannot act with sufficient authority and no guarantee to resolve the problem or complaint to the satisfaction of the customer can be given. In any event, the liability of Flying Experiences shall be limited to the amount of the sale price of the Experience.