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I have just been listening to a podcast from the Leo Lpaorte Twit Netcast Network at about Learning To Fly No.77, , the host is Ray Maxwell and Dr. Kiki. 

The first article they discuss is about a breathtaking video,   that has been posted on the internet where James May, from the famous BBC Top Gear programme, was a passenger in an American Spy Plane.  

He is dressed in a space suit and then travels to 70,000 feet ( 13 miles ) above the earth where sky turns black and you can see the earth's curvature. 

James May then has his lunch while he is up there. 

After he has landed he is a bit wobbly and amazed about what he has just experienced.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this Flying Experience but hopefully soon we will be able to offer a trip in a Super Sonic Jet!